File Linked Instructions


Ist either get downloader or a browser. Down load the file linked app at www.filelinked .com and use this code 48262277 the pin # is 0513. 

Worldwide APK'S


Download both our apk's so you can see which one you prefer. Once you have downloaded the apps pm me with your email and I will send a username and password. Please be sure to type your username and password EXACTLY as I sent to you they are very case sensitive  and will NOT work unless they are entered properly. 

(download from my apk links) 


Perfect Player

Perfect Player

 Perfect Player Set Up Guide
1. Download Perfect player from amazon or google play store
This is a guide for perfect player. You can download from

both Amazon and Google play store once installed go to.
1. Settings (Gear Icon)
2. General
3. Playlist URL on request
4. Enter Worldwide for Name  
5. Epg 1
6. Enter epg url   on request

Change X's 1st for username and the change 2nd group of X's for password
7. Allow to update
8. Long click channel
9. Click show epg
Player Navigation Made Easy
Click on the settings (gear icon) then click where it says GUI. 

Then enable group folders and disable start at boot. 


Mag 254


How to set up Mag 254 for the first time. 

Portal url   http://on request
This guide will show you how to set up your mag 254 or 250 stb. Iptv providers use the mag 254 as the stb to set up their iptv service for.
Assuming you have you have your mag 254 plugged up and ready to go using wifi.

Go to Settings Go to software autoupdate
Switch auto update to Enabled
Press OK to Save
Press the Home button to exit “button with the house symbol” on your mag 254 remote
Go to Network to set up the wifi
Go to Wireless if using the wifi dongle or Wired if using ethernet
Go to Auto (DHCP)
Pick your router SID name
Type if your passphrase “use the KB button on your mag 254 remote”
Press OK to save
Press the Home button to exit
Press the down arrow on the remote till you get to the Software update
Press OK to Verify
Press F2 on your mag 254 remote to update
After it updates your mag 254 will remote
After your mag 254 reboots go back to system settings and go to Servers
Go to General
Type ” ” for the NTP server
Hit Ok to save
Hit the Home button to exit
Go to Portals
Here you will put in your Portal information that you get from your provider
Use the KB button on your mag 254 remote
Press Ok to save and then Home button to back out  
Go to Reboot Device
If you have two portals set up the screen will be shown
Pick whichever portal that you want to use
It should go to this screen and start loading
If it does not the recheck your portal settings for spelling mis



 Smart STB for Samsung TV

On your remote, click the Smart Hub Button
Bottom of the screen, move to “Featured”
Click “Samsung Apps”
Find Categories and click on it
Select Videos
Scroll and find Smart STB and click and install
Hit open
Write down you Device and Virtual Mac address
Send me your Virtual Mac address
On a computer, go to to register your Device Mac address   

Portal   http://on request

GSE and Smarters


2.On Left Side At The Top Click On The 3 Lines To Open 3.Go To Xtream Codes API And Click Then Click The + In Top Right 

4.Name Playlist What You Want e.g "Worldwide" 

5.Then Enter The portal   http://on request

6.Enter Your Login Details For Your Worlrdwide IPTV Account 7.Then Select Add 8.Click On Force EPG To Up